POSTED ON 05/05/2015

Sarah: Yorktown Beach


In this scene Sarah sits, over looking the sea; as she waits for her sailor to come home. She's effortlessly graceful; and proves classic beauty never go out of style. I used a pallete of reds and browns to recreate this 40's inspired look. The poka-dot dress is another one of my thrift store finds. I added blue tulle to the bottom of a petticoat coat slip to create the blue ruffles and some poof. I then accented the blue by adding the yellow belt, shoes, and the flower hair accessory. The yellow finger nail polish connects yesterday to today. (See More)

POSTED ON 05/05/2015

Nadja and Abriah: Battlefield Park Boat Ramp

THE LOOK: Flower Kingdom

Above: The stunning Queen Nadja, looks over her kingdom. Below: The queen and her princess made my job easy, how can you not become captivated by their charm and beauty. The adorable Abriah stands tall next to her sister. Crowned with yellow and pink flowers these sister's are ready to rule their kingdom, I used a pallet of soft pinks and green to accentuate their natural beauty. Above Na

POSTED ON 05/05/2015

Jayla: Battlefield Park

THE LOOK: Into the Woods

In the woods where elegance and nature collide; this beauty definitely stands out. I wanted a colorful, but not too put together look. Adorning the hair with purple, white and pink flowers incorporate nature. I used a bright color palette of blues, pinks and purples to merge the look together. Jayla is now ready for her prince.

POSTED ON 05/03/2015

Jayla: Red Wing Park

THE LOOK: African Queen

Jayla, a city girl is now an african queen; in the jungle of Red Wing Park.  Her long dreads are pulled into a pompadour and accentuated  by fresh azalea flowers. The makeup is subtle but bold. I used neutral shadows on the eyes, soft pink blush on the cheeks, and pink matte lip gloss on the lips. The wardrobe is neutral, pink and purple jewels add color and contrast.

POSTED ON 04/27/2015

Rhea: Fort Monroe

THE LOOK: A Stolen Moment

This couple has managed to sneak away from their contemporary wedding, for a brief history lesson at the rugged Fort Monroe. In this scene formal attire meets the damp cold concrete. The bride is wearing a sultry messy updo which keeps the attention on her face. Brown shadows bring out the eyes and a deep purple mauve lipstick kisses the lips. Cheeks are dabbed with bronzer. The groom's hair is swept into a loose ponytail. Together they make a gorgeous couple.

POSTED ON 04/15/2015

Jayla: Grafitti Bridge

THE LOOK: Beauty and The Beat

My twist on Graffiti Bridge: Beauty and the beat. This look and photo shoot inspiration came from a brighthoodie in goodwill. I saw what some would call hideous and I knew it could be something beautiful. I removed the sleeves and slit the $2.99 sweater down the middle. Dressed it up with a black sleeveless shirt and black skirt. To keep it fun and balanced I added the Nike's. Now our model is ready to bust a move. Accessories are minimum, a pair of colorful sea shell hoops. Makeup is hip with gold liquid liner on the lash line, and black and yellow shadow on the lids. What chick can rule the street without some bright pink lipstick? Added a light touch of pink blush and she is ready to bust a rhyme.

ACT II:  A beautiful sun set by the water. We gave the diva a change of scenery. Flipped the script, by ditching the vest and sneakers for heels and leather jacket. Now she's ready for a night on the town.


Jayla: Hello Kitty

THE LOOK: Shining Star

I wanted a fun look to match our model's bubbly personality and her love for Hello Kitty. Every girl wants to sparkle, so we made sure Jayla would light up the room. Purple and pinks create this playful look. The eyebrows and eyes are the highlight of this look. I then added a light pink blush to the cheeks, and a pink lipstick to complete this look.


Ashton: Pagoda Downtown Norfolk

THE LOOK: Classic Beauty

To create this timeless classic look, I used a palette of browns, corals, orange, and pink. Ashton's hair is looped and a fringe is swept along the forehead to create an updo fit for a movie star. Contouring and highlighting enhances her beautiful bone structure. The dramatic cat eyes demands your full attention. Cheeks are swept with a soft pink blush. To make lips appear full, create a new line with a taupe pencil and fill with a soft peachy coral lipstick.


DEJA: Waterside

THE LOOK: Pure Romance

Deja’s romantic waterside shoot started with pulling her natural curly hair up and giving her a soft sweeping fringe.  I used a natural palette of brown, burgundy, and gold. This soft look is mesmerizing on our breathtaking model. The golden smokey eye, inviting burgundy lips and sun bronze cheeks flatters our stunning model.




Our model is enjoying a relaxing day at the Half Moon in Norfolk. Daja’s hair is twisted into a fun updo with a playful fringe. To accentuate her naturally beautiful skin, her makeup is kept light and whimsical. Browns are used to create a soft cat eye, cheeks are lightly dusted with bronzer and the lips are coated with gloss.